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5/5 (1 Reviews) November 12, 2023

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November 12, 2023
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More About Desofy

Desofy is the first & only mobile experience for DeSo!

Imagine all social media platforms & the stock market had a baby, a decentralized baby. Well… they did! Welcome to DeSo!

A decentralized social media platform where everyone has his own digital coin. These creator coins are tied to the reputation of an individual. You can build your own personal brand on the top of them while connecting and socializing with other creators in a new decentralized way!

Desofy brings all the features of DeSo to your pocket PLUS more exclusive features only available on Desofy!

In Desofy you can:

* Express yourself, share ideas and post what is on your mind.
* Explore posts and discover creators from the Global, Following or Recent Feed.
* Like, comment, share and give diamonds to your favorite posts.
* Mass message your investors or direct message your favorite creators.
* Analyze profiles with accurate user-friendly tools.

Use your DeSo account to log into Desofy.

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8 months ago

good app

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